Thursday, January 7, 2016


Christmas in Florida has come and gone but not without wonderful memories of time spent with Vickie's family.  We played games, ate until we were ready to pop, exchanged gifts and laughed a lot.  When you are away from home during the Holidays for the first time it is good to be surrounded by family.

Over the last two weeks of December before our departure for Texas on the 28th was just plain crazy.  We made our way to the far south to check out Naples, FL. where both of our folks spent the winter months.  So much had changed we would have not found the old RV park if Vickie's brother and his wife (Buzz and Nancy) were not guiding the way.  When our parents stayed here many years ago the going rate was $900 per year and you could leave your RV on the site during the months you were back north.  Now it is $900 per month and they have not made many upgrades.

While we were there we did some shopping at Tin City and had
lunch right on the water for some fresh seafood.  Vickie and I had our first bucket of peel & eat shrimp with a couple draft beers back in 1982 just across the channel from where we were this time.  The only thing that made me sad was The Left-hand Shop which featured everything for the lefty was no longer there.  Maybe the world is more right than it use to be.

We also found another version of the Loveland Hearts in Naples.  This time it was painted sea turtles and they were all over town.  It is fun to see how so many cites think alike but use different ways to share it with the world.

At 5:00 a.m. on December 28th we were on our way to Rockport, TX.  There was a stop in Gulfport, MS for a night of rest and a great evening with a long time friend, Ray Wells and his daughter, Megan for drinks and a great dinner.  Ray showed us around his beautiful part of the gulf coast and I can see why he has made this stretch of white sand his home, outstanding.

We were on the road again the next morning well before daylight and heading for TX.  One stretch of road between Baton Rouge and Houston was a 23 mile long bridges/causeway and if you know how much Vickie hates bridges of any kind you can imagine how that part of the trip went.

Got into Rockport on the afternoon of the 29th to a real shock to the system.  We left 84 degrees in Florida and arrived in our new location at a balmy 48 degrees.  It was only after talking to the kids in Colorado that we felt better about the temperature here.  The area is beautiful with lots and beaches, shops, wildlife and as always, many great places to eat.

We have been over to Port Aransas to visit my sister and brother-in-law (Bonnie & Tom Holloway) as they rent a condo there during the same time we are here.  Tom and I will be doing a lot of surf fishing so I am sure I will be posting some huge fish, as soon as I learn how to photo shop.

The Lagoons is the nicest RV parks we have been in so fare in our short time on the road and were lucky to get in as they have a sizable waiting list.  All road and RV pads are concrete and everything is extremely clean and up to date.  We have never ran into so many friendly people as we have here and we are getting involved in many of their activities.  In addition it is back up to the 70 degree mark so life is good.  As they say down here along the Gulf, we are living the Salt Life.

Until next time stay unplugged no matter where you are and don't forget to check on the B-Side of life, you may just find some real hidden treasures like we are.  Take Care Ya'll.