Thursday, June 9, 2016


I can't believe we have been back in Indiana for just short of a month.  I don't know where the time goes when you are having fun.  It has been a great time so far as we have a beautiful RV site right on Pike Lake in Warsaw with a lake view and everything we need just a short distance away.

We have already got together with many of our old friends and have made several new ones and have become part of the "Pike Lake Social Club".  We have checked out many of the local eating and drinking establishments and have re-visited several of the lakes we enjoyed growing up in the area.  There are 102 lakes in our county so there is no shortage of water on which to have fun on and around.

One of the big highlights of living in northern Indiana is chowing down on a gigantic breaded tenderloin sandwich.  It is one thing you can't find in Colorado or anywhere else we have traveled.  We have been on a quest to find the best tenderloin in the region so Vickie put out a request for help from our local friends.  You would not believe how many replies she received from her Facebook post with information.  The funniest result is several people heading us to a Chinese restaurant in Milford, Indiana for the best one they had ever had.  We had driven by there several times and had laughed when we saw the sign out front claiming they had a "world famous breaded Tenderloin".  On the opposite side of that same sign it has said "waitress wanted" for well over a year.  I guess we will have to pay them a visit, for the tenderloin - not the job.

I have not had much of a chance to test out the fishing yet but I did catch my first bluegill from the pier the other day.  I usually fish with my brother-in-law (Tom Holloway) however he has had their outboard motor in for a water pump and just got it back.  I'm sure once the two of us combine our talents the fish population will be in great danger.  It is fun to look through my tackle and see rods, reels and baits for surf fishing, bay fishing, trout fishing and bluegill and bass fishing.  I should be hosting a fishing show but I think you have to actually catch something on a regular basis to stay on the air.  Whether you catch a fish or not it is well worth the time you spend on the water creating great memories in your mind.

When you talk about memories I have to mention that I was names after someone from the town I lived in for the first three years of my life - James Dean.  He lived with his aunt and uncle on a farm just outside of Fairmount, Indiana and use to visit our home there from time to time.  I of course was not part of this world yet so did not get a chance to revel in the glory of knowing him but at least I was named after him.  We visited our old town; about 75 miles to the south when I went with my sisters and brother-in-laws to place flowers or our parents and grandparents graves.  They are buried in the same cemetery as James Dean.  The town is also the birthplace of Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield.

There are many fun lake festivals coming up over the summer that we plan to take advantage of and many, many lake still left to explore.  When you grow up on the water it is like being a kid again when you return to the place that, for the most part, made you who and what you are.  It is fun re-discovering things you long ago forgot.  One is that size does matter here!  Your status in life is equal to the size of riding lawn mower you own and how many acres you mow.

I will keep you posted on what we do and where we go over the summer.  Even though we are not in the middle of Amish country this year we have already made the drive north to purchase their special donuts (Amish Crack) and their world famous and cheap cheese.  Come along for the ride, you never know where you may end up when you are unplugged.