Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I can't believe we have been in Colorado for nearly two months and it is time to travel east to the lakes and farmlands of Indiana.  We have had a wonderful time in our hometown and it will be hard to leave but the road calls to us to pull up anchor and set a new course.

We spend the first couple of weeks with our daughter (Gretchen), son-in-law (Bill) and our three grandchildren, Colton, Bailey and Aria in Loveland.  During that time we spent time with our son (Tony), daughter-in-law (Gina) and their two youngest, Brylie and Tatum.  We missed connecting with their oldest daughter (Serena) as she was hard at work at the time.

The next two weeks were spent with friends of twenty-five years, Rick and DeAnn in Fort Collins.  While there we were able to spend time with their kids and their families so it was a great reunion.  We had a wonderful time catching up on all we had missed during the year we spent on the road.

We are ending up our stay back in Loveland in the foothills west of town with two long time friends, Dennis and Bernie Agosta.  It has been a very relaxing way to end up our stay as we can set on the back deck and take in the valley and foothills for miles.  An added bonus is watching the large herd of elk roam the valley floor as we drink a cold one to celebrate the times.  Both of our host joined the ranks of the retired while we were staying here so that was fun showing them the proper way to relax.

It has been amazing at each stop as it gave us time to reconnect, relax and find room to freely move about outside of our 450 sq. ft. RV.  They have all been wonderful hosts and have once again reminded us of just how important it is to have great, long lasting friends and an amazing family.  We will hold beautiful memories of these few weeks until our journey once again bring us back to this special place called Colorado.

We will be heading out this Monday, May 16th and will arrive in Warsaw, Indiana on the 18th.  Our RV site is right on a small lake complete with a beach and great fishing.  We will be there until the end of September at which time we will be heading south to Hudson, Florida for two months and then on the Rockport, Texas for the rest of the winter.  I hope you will come along for the ride as we travel the back roads (B-Side) totally Unplugged from the pressures of the world.

                                                         Till next time - Safe Travels!!!