Friday, April 8, 2016


Well here it is the 8th of April in beautiful Colorado with the Texas Gulf Coast in our rear view mirror.  It has been a whirlwind since we got back in town getting all the doctor, vet, dentist, taxes, and everything else we needed to catch up on.

We left Texas in 80 degree weather and came home to a lovely mix of rain and snow.  Of course that was the same time I had to unload the RV so I got a great welcome home.  As always after that short blast it was back to the beautiful high country weather we love.

The drive up was not the most exciting as Texas looks pretty much the same from south to north on I-35 but at least we missed any bad weather and extremely crazy drivers.  It was good to get back here and realize we have completed our first round trip from Indiana through Florida, Texas and back to Colorado.

Before leaving I took some shots of spring time in South Texas, I hope you enjoy.

We have said good-bye to the tropical south until next year and will enjoy the beauty of Colorado until the 18th of May when we will set sail for the lakes of Indiana and Vickie's 50th class reunion.  Thanks for traveling along!!!