Thursday, April 16, 2015

Well after two overnight stops from Colorado to Indiana we made it to the Hoosier State without any problems at all until we got here.  We could not get the RV leveled the first day and no one was at the RV Park besides us so no one to give me the advise you always get from your camping friends.  It took us two days to get setup when it should have been about two hours.  As a final act we had the jaws on our fifth wheel hitch release before we had the front jacks completely down and let the RV rolls back.  The pin came out of the lock and the RV dropped down on the back of the truck putting a big dent in the bed rail and bent out the tailgate.  We will have the truck fixed and no one was hurt so it is forward with life.  Last night we even got a chance to set down in our new gravity chairs and have a beer.  Ain't retirement great.

We will start looking over the surrounding area tomorrow and I will be giving you some great B-side/Unplugged places to visit if you are ever it this area.  I will be snapping some photos of the local sites and giving you some insight of the Amish culture as we are smack in the middle of their country.

Until later I'm wishing you great travels and warm memories.

Jim (unplugged)

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  1. Welcome to Indiana! Irs snowing in Colorado