Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Everything is Coming Up (RED) Roses

Pictured here is what retirement is all about for me.  You check out the local stores, fine a completely new off the wall wine like this Red Guitar Sangria.  Then you set back with glass in hand and watch a red bird (Cardinal) feeding off your one of a kind red Hawaiian Shirt bird feeder.  Almost sounds a little Red Neck - oh well when in Rome - you know the rest.  This wine was a great find as it had a great taste and I got a history lesson about the guitar.  According the the bottle - Centuries ago, the Spanish added a sixth string to a little recognized instrument of the time, bringing to life what we now know as the guitar.  For countless generations, since that day, music, food and wine have been the fabric of the Spaniard's joyful and vivacious existence.  Put simply, la buena vida (the good life).

I would have had some really great photos for you to take a pick at but I did not follow the sage advice of my good camera toting friend, Don Reiley.  I would have had the greatest redneck shot last week if I had my camera at hand.  Parallel parked in front of the Silver Inn Bar & Grill in downtown Silver Lake, Indiana was a riding mower.  I guess there is more than one way to get to your local hangout when you lose your license.  Earlier that week I saw a Amish horse & buggy with a boat & motor on a trailer hitched to the back end.  I knew fishing was big in Indiana but had not seen this before.  Give a man a fish vs teach him to fish - again, you know the rest.  Anyone who tells you that retirement is boring have just not really looked at it the right way. Yes I still complain on Sunday afternoon about the weekend going too fast at which time my wife reminds me it doesn't matter anymore.  So far this has been a wild ride with dropping the 5th wheel on the back of the truck and a couple weeks later getting upfront and personal with one of the many Indiana deer.  It all worked out as I was able to get an estimate on the front end damage at the same time I was having the rear end fixed.  Good news, the middle of the truck still looks great.

We have only just begun as the song says but I would have to say to anyone I meet - don't be afraid to follow your dreams.  Actually be a little afraid if you don't go for it as you will always be asking yourself - what would it have been like.  Believe me it is worth the chance.  Until next time keep red birds in your dreams and red wine in your tummy.

Unplugged and out!!!

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