Friday, July 24, 2015

Hard to Go Home Again

You grow up in Indiana, move to Colorado where you live for over 31 years and then come back to the place of your childhood.  I'm not sure what changed more; the old stomping grounds or the two people who returned.  Vickie and I went to the Kosciusko County Fair in Warsaw, IN and found very few things that stayed the same.  The highlight of the fair was missing - BINGO but at least they still have Elephant Ears.  This is fried dough the size and shape of an elephant's ear brushed with butter and covered with cinnamon and sugar.  There could most likely be nothing more harmful to your body but man are they good.

We walked around the fair for about two hours without seeing one person we knew but it may be because all of THEM got older and just didn't look the same.  Another shock came when we went to were the merchant's building use to be and only found a handful of businesses set up in a couple small tent.  Hang-on, the final blow came when we did not walk away from the fair with a flyswatter or a yardstick.

Now fast forward a couple weeks and you will find us taking a three hour drive to Fort Wayne, Indiana to the World Famous Coney Island Hotdog Stand.  This is a place you can come home to even after 31 years.  Vickie and her family have been going there since she was a kid.  They have not changed a thing since 1914 when they opened and it is still ran by the same family.  They sell over 2000 coney  dogs each day and the sauce is just as good as we remembered.

If you ever get to Indiana you have to stop on West Main St. in Fort Wayne and have a seat between the suits and the coveralls and enjoy a few minute of days gone by.

See you at the next stop along the road - you know, the places on the B-Side of life where you can be totally unplugged.

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