Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hoosier Summer Coming to an End

Well it is absolutely hard to believe but our first summer back in Indiana in 31 years is just about to come to a close.  This is the 2nd of Sept. (our daughter Gretchen's Birthday) and we will be leaving our RV home at Eby's Pines on the 15th.  We are dropping off our RV at the factory in Shipshewana, IN for warranty work and then heading for the sunny south on Sept. 25th.  We will be staying with my sister and brother-in-law during that time about an hour and a half south of here in Akron.  We will take that time to check out a few of the lake areas we have not made it to yet and maybe get in some last minute bluegill fishing.

This had been a busy summer filled with lots of fun activities, friends and family but it is time to head a bit further south as the signs of fall begin to show themselves here in the northern mid-west.  The only thing wrong
with the whole picture is the timing.  We are leaving here before the leaves turn and will be driving through the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains before that change as well.  The good news is we will be arriving on the west coast of central Florida just as the temps begin to cool and the sunsets are at there best.

We will be taking you along for the ride as we exchange the dog days of summer with sand in our flipflops and warm breezes off the Gulf of Mexico.  I hope you continue to ride shotgun as we head sout
h for we have many things to discover and many hidden gems yet to uncover.  Most of our postings will be on the B-Side of life and as always everyday will be completely Unplugged.